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Articles on boundaries and networks (see also books)


Hiers, Soehl, and Wimmer. “National trauma and the fear of foreigners: How past geopolitical threat heightens anti-immigration sentiment today”, in Social Forces 96(1): 1-18, 2017. Read the article here 

Louis Wirth Best Article Award of the International Migration Section of the ASA


"Race centrism. A critique and a research agenda", in Ethnic and Racial Studies 38(13): 2186-2205, 2015. Read the article here


Wimmer and Soehl. "Blocked acculturation. Cultural heterodoxy among Europe's immigrants", in AJS 120(1):146-186, 2014. Read the article here


“Elementary strategies of ethnic boundary making”, in Ethnic and Racial Studies 31(6):1025-1055, 2008. Read the article here


"The making and unmaking of ethnic boundaries. A multi-level process theory", in AJS 113(4): 970–1022, 2008. Read the article here

Theory Prize of the Theory Section of the ASA

Clifford Geertz Prize for Best Article (honoroble mention) of the Cultural Sociology Section of ASA


“Herder’s heritage and the boundary-making approach. Studying ethnicity in immigrant societies”, Sociological Theory 27(3):244-270, 2009. Read the article here

Kroneberg, Clemens, Kruse, Hanno, and Andreas Wimmer. "When ethnicity and gender align. Classroom composition, friendship cliques, and collective identities in European schools", in European Sociological Review 37(6): 918-934, 2021. Read the article here


Wimmer and Lewis. "Beyond and below race. ERG models of a friendship network documented on Facebook", in AJS 116(2)583-642, 2010. Read the article here

Best Article Award of the Mathematical Sociology Section of ASA


Lewis, Kaufman, Gonzalez, Wimmer and Christakis. “Tastes, ties, and time: a new social network dataset using”, in Social Networks 30:330-342, 2008. Read the article here

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