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Articles on state formation, nation building, and war (see also books

Feinstein, Yuval and Andreas Wimmer. “Consent and legitimacy. A revised bellicose theory of state building with evidence from around the world, 1500-2000”, in World Politics 75(1): 188-232, 2023. Read the article here.


"Power and pride. National identity and ethnopolitical inequality around the world”, in World Politics 69(4): 605-639, 2017. See also the data pages. Read the article here.


"Nation building. A long-term perspective and global analysis", in European Sociological Review 30(6), 2014. Read the article here

Online Supplement for ESR 2014. Download here


Kroneberg and Wimmer. "Struggling over the boundaries of belonging. A formal model of nation building, ethnic closure, and populism", in AJS 118(1):176-230, 2012. Read the article here

Online Appendix for AJS 2012. Download here

Best Article Award of the European Academy of Sociology

Anatol-Rapoport Award (co-winner) of the Modeling and Simulation Section of the German Sociological Association

Best Article Award from the Rationality and Society Section of ASA

Best Article Award (honorable mention) of the International Network of Analytical Sociologists


"A Swiss anomaly? A relational account of national boundary making", in Nations and Nationalism 17(4):718-737, 2011. Read the article here

Wimmer, Andreas and Chris Miner. “The strategic logic of ethno-territorial competition. Violence against civilians in Africa's civil wars”, in Journal of Global Security Studies 4(4), 2019. Read the article here

Online Appendix for JGSS 2019. Download here


Lindemann and Wimmer. “Repression and refuge. Why only some politically excluded ethnic groups rebel”, in Journal of Peace Research 55(3): 305-319, 2018. Read the article here

Online Appendix for JPR 2017. Download here


"War", in Annual Review of Sociology 44:173-1997, 2014. Read the article here


Wimmer, Cederman and Min. "Ethnic politics and armed conflict. A configurational analysis of a new global dataset", in ASR 74(2):316-337, 2009. See also the data pages. Read the article here

Appendix with coding rules and additional tables. Download here


Cederman, Wimmer and Min. "Why do ethnic groups rebel? New data and analysis", in World Politics 62(1):87-119, 2010. Read the article here


Wimmer and Min. "From empire to nation-state. Explaining wars in the modern world, 1816-2001", in ASR 71(6):867-897, 2006. See also the data pages. Read the article here

Best Article Award of the Comparative Historical Sociology Section of ASA

Distinguished Contribution to Scholarship Award of the Political Sociology Section of ASA


Wimmer and Min. "The location and purpose of wars around the world. A new global dataset, 1816-2001", in International Interactions 35(4), 2009. Read the article here

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