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Articles on global diffusion
See also articles by chronology or by topic: boundaries and networks | state building, nationalism, & war  

Wimmer, Andreas, Seungwon Lee, and Jack LaViolette. "Diffusion through multiple domains: The spread of romantic nationalism across Europe, 1770-1930", forthcoming in the American Journal of Sociology, 2024. Download a preprint here


Wimmer, Andreas. “Layered legacies. How the multiple histories of the past 500 years shaped the attitudes of contemporary Europeans”, in Sociological Science, 10:1-46, 2023. Read the article here


"Domains of diffusion. How ideas and institutions travel around the world and with what consequences”, in American Journal of Sociology 126(6): 1389-1438, 2021. Read the article here


Chris Bail, Taylor Brown, and Andreas Wimmer. “Prestige, proximity, and prejudice: How Google search terms diffuse across the world", in American Journal of Sociology 124(5): 14906-1548, 2019. Read the article here

Wimmer, Andreas. “Globalisations avant la lettre. A comparative view on isomorphization and heteromorphization in an interconnecting world”, in Comparative Studies in Society and History 43(3):435-466, 2001. Download

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